CES EduPack
Main Function

CES EduPack provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful
materials software tools, and a range of supporting resources: textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises.
It provides a range of tools and resources that can be combined to meet your needs, for any subject in
which materials is a relevant topic. It has a unique resource of property information on the complete world
of engineering materials, and a database of fundamental properties for the elements of the Periodic Table.
You can explore the world of materials using core capabilities to browse and search materials information,
chart data, and complete materials selection projects.
License period: 2018. 2. 1. ~ 2019. 1. 31.
Homepage: http://www.grantadesign.com/

Lumerical FDTD solution
Main Function

- Conformal and graded meshing
- Advanced material modeling
- Parametric design
- Design optimization
- Rich analysis and visualization
- Optimized computation engine

Main Function

- Pre/Post-processor
- Coupled-Field Analysis
- Design Opt & Topology Opt
- Dynamic Memory Allocation
- Sub modeling & Structuring

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
MCAE (Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering) program

6/7 axis industrial robot programming tool

- Simulation and Offline Programming of industrial robots
- Robot machining like a 5-axis milling machine (CNC) or a 3D printer
- Robot library of industrial robot arms, external axes and tools from over 30 robot manufactures
- Post processors for ABB RAPID (mod/prg), Fanuc LS (LS/TP), KUKA KRC/IIWA (SRC/java), Motoman Inform (JBI), Universal Robots (URP/script)

Homepage: robodk.com

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