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Sung-Hoon AHN
안성훈 교수   安成勳 敎授
e-mail ahnsh [at] snu [dot] ac [dot] kr
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Building 301, Room 1405
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 151-742

Aeronautics & Astronautics (minor in Mechanical Engineering) (1997)

Aeronautics and Astronautics (1994)

Aerospace Engineering (1992)
SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (2010.10~present)

Hyundai WIA Corp., Hyundai WIA Corp.(2019.03~present)
Outside Director

SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Graduate School of Engineering Practice(2017.03~2018.02)
Associate Dean and Department Chair

SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Center of Development Cooperation, Institute of Global Social Responsibility(2015.03~2017.02)


UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Seattle), USA, Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013.9~2014.08)
Visiting Scholar

SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (2005.10~2010.09)
Associate Professor

SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (2003.09~2005.09)
Assistant Professor

GYEONGSANG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (2000.12~2003.08)
Assistant Professor

U.C. BERKELEY, USA, Mechanical Engineering (1997~2000)
Visiting Post Doc / Research Associate (Ford Educational Director) / Lecturer

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA, Mechanical Engineering (1997)
Postdoctoral Researcher

Soft Robotics, Smart/Composite Materials, Micro/Nano Fabrications, 3D/4D Printing, Smart Factory, Green Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, and Appropriate Technology.
Managerial Sercvice

Program Director, Tanzania-Korea Innovative Technology Energy Center (2017.03~present)

President, Seoul Chapter, University Industrial Technology Force (UNITEF) (2008.09~2010.12)

Managing Director, Institute of Advanced Machinery and Design, SNU (2008.08~2010.08)

Program Director, ABEEK - Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Program, SNU (2006.01~2007.02)


Editor-In-Chief, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology(IJPEM-GT),KSPE-Springer Nature, Impact Factor 4.560 (2013.10~present)

Associate Editor, Multifunctional Materials - IOPscience (2018.03~present)

Editor, Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering published by Tianjin University and Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology (2008.01~present)

Editorial Board, Advances in Manufacturing(2019~present)

Editorial Advisory Board, Rapid Prototyping Journal (RPJ) (2008.09~Present)

Editorial Board, Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering (2016~2018)

Editorial Board, Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing - MDPI (2017.04~present)

Editor, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing (IJPEM) (2008.05~2013.12)

Associate Editor, IJPEM (2006.01~2008.05)

Associate Editor, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (2011.03.01~2013.02)

Editorial Board, Transactions of the Society of CAD/CAM Engineers (2003~2008)

Society Leadership

Fellow of CIRP(The International Academy for Production Engineers) (2019~Present)

Vice President, Academic Society for Appropriate Technology(2018~present)

Director, Korean Society for Composite Materials (2008.01~2008.12),(2010.01~present)

Director, Society for Compatational Design and Engineering (2013.01~Present)

Director, Scientists and Engineers without Borders (2011.09~present)

Director, Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers( ~ present)

Director, iTEC, Tanzania (2017.~ 2019)

President, Hybrid Manufacturing Consortium, KSPE(2015~2018)

President, Division of Green Manufacturing Technology, Korean Society for Precision Engineering (2011~2014)

Conference Host

Initiator and Co-chair, International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications {2011(Seoul), 2012(Jeju), 2013(Hawaii), 2014(Busan), 2015(Qingdao), 2016(Bali), 2017(Gyeongju)}

Founder and Conference chair, International Conference on Energy Aquatech and Sustainability (ICEAS) {2017(Arusha), 2018(Seoul), 2019(Arusha)}

Founder and Conference chair, Startup Mission for Art/design, Responsibility and Technology (S.M.A.R.T) {2016-2017(Seoul), 2018 (Arusha), 2019(Arusha)}

Founder and Conference chair, International Conference on Engineering Innovation {2017(Seoul)}

Volunteer Service

Founder and Director, SNU Golbal(Nepal)-Solar Volunteer Corps, SNU (2011~present). (Which Provide electricity and LED light for over 3,500 people in remote villages of Nepal and Tanzania)


Presidential Commendation, Republic of Korea (2018)

Academic Contribution Award, Korean Society of Composite Materials (2017)

Ministerial Commendation, Minsitrty of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Republic of Korea (2015)

Minister's Award, Minsitrty of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Korea (2013)

SNU Education Award, SNU (University level) (2012)

International Visiting Fellowship, LG Yonam Foundation (2012)

Gaheon Award, Korean Society for Precision Engineering, Gaheon Foundation (2011)

IJPEM Most Cited Articles Award, Springer, 2008 to 2009 (2010)

IJPEM Most Cited Articles Award, Springer, 2009 to 2010 (2011)

IJPEM Highly Commended Paper Award, KSPE (2010)

Sinyang Engineering Award, College of Engineering, SNU and Sinyang Foundation (2010)

Teaching Excellence Award, College of Engineering, SNU (2008)

Research Excellence Award, College of Engineering, SNU (2010)

Outstanding Research Award, Korean Society for Precision Engineering (2007)

Bagam Award, Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (2005)

Highly Commended Award, Literati Club, United Kingdom (Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2003)

Outstanding Course Assistant Award from the Stanford Student AIAA (1994)

Lee, H.T., Kim, M.S., Lee, G.Y., Kim, C.S. and Ahn, S.H., 2018,
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NATURE MATERIALS, Nature Publishing Group, advance online publication, July
(SCI, I.F. 32, DOI:10.1038/nmat3380, ISSN 1476-4660)

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