IDIM Member Publications
Zafar Hameed

[2] Hameed, Z., Ahn, S.H., Cho,Youngman*, 2010, "Practical Aspects of a Condition Monitoring System for a Wind Turbine with Emphasis on its Design, System Architecture, Testing and Installation," Renewable Energy, Vol.35(5), pp. 879-894 (SCI, IF 1.66), May, Citation by Google Scholar 124.
[1] Hameed, Z., Hong, Y.S., Cho, Youngman, Ahn, S.H.*, and Song, Chulki, 2009, "Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection Systems of Wind Turbines and Related Algorithms: A Review ," Journal of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 13 No. 1, page 1-39, January (SCI), IF 4.075, Citation by Google Scholar 391).
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[1] Hameed, Z., 2008, "Multivariate Analysis for Fault Detection and Classification with Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) by Using Statistical Time Domain Features for Rolling Element Bearings," .