Blooming Knit Flowers: Loop-Linked Soft Morphing Structures for Soft Robotics

Most soft robots are based on the transformable rigid elements or elastomeric materials to generate the flexible body mechanisms. On the other hand, this loop-based technology is an original methodology for soft robotics relying on the entirely one-dimensional fiber without auxiliary parts or elastomeric materials, allowing them to mimic biological deformations.


Soft Turtle and Ray Robots

Smart Soft Composite (SSC) is a composite of shape memory alloy (SMA) and directionally arranged polymer fibers.


Modular assembly of Soft Deployable Robot

Modular building blocks for soft robot were made by Soft Smart Composite (SSC) which consists of shape memory alloy (SMA) and soft polymer matrix. Details were published at Materials Horizons.


Motor Cycle powered Vaccine Carrier

Vaccine is a prevent the production of infectious diseases. Proper storage of vaccine in the required temperature range is critical in maintaining the effectiveness of vaccine delivery. For this reason, many types of vaccine carriers have been introduced to deliver vaccines from distributors to health posts. However, based on th field report from developing countries, a large number of vaccine is being thrown away during delivery dyu to poor storage order to reduce th e number of wasted vaccines. First, a vaccine carrier prototype with Peltier cooling is introduce and the cooling performance is evaluated in a contolled environment. Then, real-time monitoring of vaccine's condition is perfomed by satellite communication. It relays the location(GPS, gloval positioning system) and temperature data of the vaccine carrier to the web-server. To evaluate its working perfomance in developing countries, the vaccine carrier is tasted in Tanzania. Real-time information of vaccine's status is uploaded on to the wev server to allow checking and monitoring the data. Finaaly, few functionalities were integrated in the top lid of the vaccine carrier.


Tanzania-Korea Science and Technology Center (iTEC: Innovative Energy Technology Center)

Location: Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology(NM-AIST), Arusha, Tanzania / Area: 1,000, Facility: Maker Space / Start-up Incubation Area / Promotion Hall / Education Space


iTEC Mkalama Solar Plant

Location: Mkalama Village, Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania / Solar Power: 10kW / Target House: 50 Houses / 200 People?


Smart Table Tennis Trainer

A ping-pong player needs accuracy, agility, and a fast reaction time in order to excel at the sport of table tennis. A system to develop those traits systematically was devised and tested working together with SNU Department of Physical Education(Prof. Seonjin Kim).


Laser Controlled 65 Micrometer Long Microrobot Made of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy

A 65 m-long microrobot made of shape memory alloy (SMA) was developed for eye surgery as a potential application. Laser scanning generates SMA actuation to demonstrate moving forward motion and turning motion. The microrobot achieves 10 m/s of maximum speed and 5 m of the turning radius.

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