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이온주입장비 개발
Surface Modification of Mechanical Part
and Enhancement of Material Property
RESEARCHERS Woon-Yong Choi, Hyuk-Jin Kang, Sung-Hoon Ahn PERIOD 2004. 7. 1. ~ 2006. 9. 30.
SPONSOR (주)A-BEAM / 산업자원부 / 산업기술평가원

- To improve mechanical, chemical, and electronic properties of material through ion implantation
- To measure and evaluate the influence of surface modification
- To expand and apply ion implantation technology to more precision part

Ion Implantation Technology

Material engineering process by which ions highly accelerated by energy can be implanted into another solid surface, thereby changing the physical properties of the solid

Improvement of functional ability of Al material implanted by N ions for precision parts and mold

AES chemical analysis of N ion implanted Al

Enhancement of hardness by N ion implantation

Enhancement of friction coefficient by N ion implantation

Enhancement of wear resistance by N ion implantation

Enhancement of contact angle by N ion implantation

Modification of mechanical properties of WC-Co

Enhancement of hardness Enhancement of friction coefficient

Various applications of ion implanted material

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