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저온분사법을 이용한 금형 보수
Repair of damage mold surface by Cold-Spray Method
RESEARCHERS Jae-Chul Lee, Jun-Cheol Yeo, Sung-Hoon Ahn PERIOD 2005. 4. ~ 2007. 12.

- To repair damage mold surface by Cold-Spray Method and machining
- To fabricate cool channel by Cold-Spray Method and machining
- To fabricate smart mold
- To measure material, mechanical and tribological properties of deposited part

Schematic diagram of the cold-spray equipment

Process of repairing the mold by cold spray deposition and mechanical machining

SEM image of specimen's section (A: Repair part, B: Interface between substrate and repair part, C: Substrate of Al 6061-T6 alloy)

Results of force measurements for up milling and down milling

Wear coefficients of repaired specimen and original Al 6061-T6

Comparison of fabricated channels (top view) and cross sections of Polystyrol parts made by injection molding

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