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3차원 대면적 정밀 가공용 레이저 CAM 시스템 개발
Development of CAM system for 3D wide-area precision laser engraving machine
RESEARCHERS Hyung-Jung Kim, Kyung-Hoon Wie, Hae-Sung Yoon, Sung-Hoon Ahn
PERIOD 2008. 10. 1. ~ 2010. 9. 30.
SPONSOR Seoul metropolitan government / co-work with Kooky hon, Ltd. & GSNU

- To develop CAM system for 5 axis laser engraving machine
- To make geometrical process planning algorithms for CAM system
- To make a material database for laser machining process

Software architecture of LaserCAM system

1st year: Cell partitioning: conceptual diagram and laser-beam path example

2nd year: OMM (On-Machine Measurement)-based precision machining algorithm for 5-axis laser milling machine

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