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생체모방 soft morphing 로봇과 기계의 통합생산 기술 개발
Development of integrated bio-manufacturing technologies for soft morphing robots and machinery
RESEARCHERS Won-Shik Chu, Gil-Yong Lee, Sung-Hoon Ahn
PERIOD 2008. 08. 01. ~ 2009. 12. 31.
SPONSOR Pioneer research program, the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology

- Design and fabrication of integrated composite structures of mechanical and electric components
- Research and development of actuator manufacturing processes for reversible-large-deformation soft morphing structures
- Prototyping of robots and machinery with soft morphing functions such as folding/unfolding and swelling/shrinking

- Apply to new soft morping electronics technology and flexible electric system
- Improve the efficiency of various transportation vehicles
- Apply to search/rescue/patrol robots to improve mobility and the range of activity
- Attract consumers aesthetically, so various new electronics, consumer products, or mechanical products can be developed

The technologies to develop soft morphing robots and machinery

A manufacturing process to develop soft morphing robots and machinery

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